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firefighters tackle a two alarm fire in san francisco's glen park neighborhood, three buildings are destroyed and pet is rescued a live report coming up. >> we are live in san francisco where police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened at a bart station. we will let you know what they believe happened right before the shots were fired. >> three men shot and killed around richmond overnight. we will tell you why police do not believe it is gang related. >> also the parties are about
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to begin celebrating america's 235th birthday. mornings on two starts now. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning to you, welcome to mornings on 2, i am dave clark. >> i am tori campbell. it is monday, july 4th, independence day. we begin with breaking news in san francisco. firefighters continue to battle a fire there. allie rasmus joins us from the scene. >> reporter: good morning, firefighters have this fire under control. you can see behind us that building where the ladder is is where the fire started. you can see smoke, the flames are out. right now seeing firefighters exiting the building. a short time ago they were on the roof. this fire did significant damage. you can see it effected the home you are looking at look with the houses on either side so a total of three apartment buildings were burned.
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there are at least two apartment residences in each building so we don't have an exact number of people displaced by this fire but none of the residences were vacant at least two people in each residence or at least six people are now homeless. they also don't know how this fire started. we spoke to some of the people who live there, this fire started at 5:00 this morning, all the people we talked to said they were sleeping when this fire broke out, they said they were woken up, they smelled smoke and shouting and honking outside and people telling them to get out. the good news is no people were hurt, however, there were concern because there were three pets, two dogs and a rabbit. i talked to the owner who was concerned about them, however we did find out the emts were
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resuscitating the pets and they were reunited with their owners and expected to be okay. again, firefighters at this point have this fire under control. back out here live you can see the broken out windows on the 4000 block of mission street. it started at 5:00 this morning. there were flames shooting from the windows but now they appear to have gotten a handle on it. everyone is accounted for, although there are a number of people, at least section people who are now displaced by this fire. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time is now 7:03. this morning we are also getting more details about a fatal bart police shooting that happened last night at san francisco's civic center station. tara moriarty has been talking to the police about what happened and the investigation. >> reporter: bart police are
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interviewing two witnesses right now and also reviewing video to see if it provides them with clues as to what happened. they did find quite a bit of evidence at the scene, found a couple of knives, shattered glass and three bullet casings, we are standing at the civic center, just below is the platform where bart police shot and killed a man last night. around 9:45 an ambulance rushed the suspect to the hospital, he was pronounced dead within an hour. the initial 911 call came in at 9:30. police say the suspect was on the bart platform appearing intoxicated, three bart officers arrived and shots were fired and struck a suspect. initial reports indicate the suspect may have thrown a bottle with officers. >> they are going to meet force with required force. something occurred that they
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were threatened and something forced them to utilize lethal force, which ends up with the subject being shot. >> reporter: one officer did suffer cuts to his arm and a witness told ktvu off-camera the suspect had a 10 inch knife. since the oscar grant shooting in 2009 bart says it has doubled the amount of training that its officers receive in responding to incidents like these. bart and san francisco police are both conducting investigations. all we know about the suspect is he is a white male aged 30 to 50. the officers involved are one white male, one asian male, both on leave. the bart chief will be holding a press conference later this morning. we will be there and bring you the latest live. >> 5 minutes after 7:00. three people are dead and three others injured after a night of violence in the richmond area.
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kraig debro joins us live now and investigators tell you this violence may not be gang related. is that correct? >> reporter: that's right, tori. they have gang units that follow this type of thing and they didn't have anything leading up to this to suggest this might have been a gang related activity. the shootings happened around the same time, they all happened within the richmond city limits or north richmond, that is all the connections that police have to any of these shootings. behind me investigators are inside. the shootings started before 9:00 last night. police say a man was hanging out with friends at south 39th street. this is not the scene. that man was shot. he survived but two others would not. this is the 3600 block of mcdonald, police say a man died there. he and another man was in the car and the second man is recovering in the hospital.
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this happened after 9:00. while that was was being investigated they were in the middle of another homicide investigation. like the one at mcdonald this von was victim was found inside a car. there is evidence suggesting another victim in this shooting but so far that victim has not come forward. finally deputies found two people one person died, the other is still alive. the injuries are believed to be life-threatening, there was some confusion earlier about whether he was dead or alive. we spoke to them and they said he is alive. they are assisting each other. >> we have not had any indication this was going to happen or any shootings leading up to this that we think are connected to these homicides in
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any way. >> there is lieutenant french talking about these, as i mentioned they are investigating that particular homicide and working with richmond police and they will be sharing notes on both those homicides, live from richmond, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> happening right now we want to show you live pictures. there is the dutchess of cambridge, kate middleton, greeting some people. this is happening in prince edward island. the couple is visiting province house, the second oldest active legislative building in canada. prince william and his bride kate are on a week long tour over canada. laterally later he will take part in a search and rescue mission. there is the prince there greeting the crowds, they have been warmly welcomed for the most part. there have been a few protests
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of french separatists who are not pleased to see the royal couple. they will visit calgary and then fly to california on friday. the governor and his wife will greet them. >> you had them both. >> uh-huh. >> some people are celebrating the 4th of july holiday in a very unusual way, they have are going skiing, for several resorts in lake tahoe it has been years since they have been able to say they were open in july. we will bring you a report from there. >> preparations are underway for a 4th of july tradition in the east bay. these are live pictures from danville. the annual 4th of july parade will kickoff in two hours. you can see the chairs set up. they have signs set up you could not set the chairs up until last night. a lot of people getting their
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spots in, however construction will affect where parade goers can sit. road work is continuing, forcing lane closures and also a word to the wise stay stay on the shady side of the street. and there is a kiddie parade there and the rose white and blue parade starts at 10:00 this morning. there are several parades and shows and the bay area. we have a map of all of them on the weekend extra tab of >> all right. time now 7:10. sal is still watching the commute. should get busy as the morning moves along. >> it is getting busier although i would not say busy on this 4th of july. kind of consumed watching this fire. mission street is still closed between mission and bosworth,
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so the bus lines are not getting through. again mission between trumbull and bosworth shut down. let's go outside and show you san francisco traffic looks pretty good as you drive up to the 80 split. no major problems. again, you will show you these pictures here, it is nice and light. we had an earlier accident this morning where there was a flipped over suv, with not major injuries but two lanes were blocked, didn't cause a traffic jam, which just goes to show you how light it is, northbound 280 up to 17 looks good. 7:11 let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. we have well hazy sunshine and warm to hot conditions away from the coast. by the coast the fog is roaring down there and moving parallel but already a semblance of a sea breeze right there and also in the monterrey bay, so temperatures not that warm, 60s and 70s. any fog will be very shallow,
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could be thick later on. for many areas still another day of warm to hot conditions, maybe a late sea breeze but i don't think it will stop anybody from getting into the 90s or 100s, 50s and 60s, 67 already concord so you can tell there is no sea breeze there. fairfield picking up, west actually now 14 at sfo, calm though for most locations, san jose says a little puff of west at three, so it is getting closer and that fog is also starting to move really fast down the coast so i don't think it will take too long, but sunny, warm to hot for many, cooler to the coast with that west wind and neighbor around the bay. temperatures from 60s to 100 degrees so just depends if you are right by that water's edge and some of that fog a big cool down, if not nice for some, warm for others and really warm for many and especially over the coastal hills, 70s, 80s, 90s to 100 for santa clara
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valley and all over the place here for the peninsula, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s there could be temperatures really crashing later today but not before we get into warm conditions, much cooler weather into tuesday then inland areas cooler wednesday and everybody settles into a cooler pattern by the end of the week. >> it is 7:12. a new terror tactic, why al qaeda fanatics are being taught to pretend to be gay. >> thousands of workers paying more to light up. >> also a deal on the debt weeks ahead of a deadline, a former president could play a critical role.
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good morning, sunshine and fog coming down the coast, so
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cooler coast, maybe bay, but still warm to hot inland with 90s to low 100s. >> 7:15, president obama will spend his independence day with military families joined by his family as they host a barbecue at the white house. tonight everyone will gather for a show, this is the fourth year they have done it. troops deployed in the middle east, they are also celebrating. look at those burgers, yeah, this is a u.s. base there, they are firing up the barbecue celebrating the 4th and today general david petraeus is celebrating his final 4th of july as the u.s. commander there, he was confirmed as the new director of the cia, he will be replaced by john allen. >> britain's minister of
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defense says a british soldier was reported missing in afghanistan. now an operation is underway to find him. just one other nato soldier is being held hostage, a 25-year- old soldier from idaho was taken prisoner two years ago. al qaeda's new terror manual says fanatics can avoid detection by pretending to be gay. that is one of many new tips. the guide was placed on-line after osama bin laden was killed. terror experts say that suggests al qaeda is determined to launch revenge attacks on the west. republicans might accept a minideal on the debt limit. congress and president obama must agree on a deal to raise the debt ceiling by august 2nd to avoid a government default on loans. over the weekend former president bill clinton suggested a minideal. while republicans would prefer
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a long-term deal senator john c ornin said they may accept a short-term deal. they are shorting their recess to discuss a deal on the country's debt. >> 7:17. many american companies are getting tougher on smokers, bloomberg reports macy's charge employees who admit to using tobacco an extra $35 a month for health coverage. pepsi employees pay an annual $600 insurance surcharge, analysts say companies are looking for ways to keep tabs on the health of their employees, 28% of businesses paid bonuss to workers who quit smoking, lose weight or achieve their health goals. foreign language store signs may soon be history in new york city. two city council members are introducing a bill that would allow the city to ticket stores that don't have signs in at least 60% english. council members say english
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signs are needed to help police officers and firefighters in case of an emergency. critics though say some small businesses can't afford to replace their signs. the chairman of a northern california indian tribe unexpectedly shut down the tribe's newspaper because of controversial articles and money problems. the two rivers tribune still appears on the website, including an article that has raised eyebrows, called man on the run, an interview with one of four suspects involved in a home robbery gunfight. the chairman says he shut the paper down because of that article and some others about marijuana issues, he says the paper has cost the tribe almost $200,000 in three years. >> 7:19. many bay area workers say their paychecks are not keeping up with rising prices. in the last year wages have
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gone up an average of 2.3% but prices have risen 2.8%. they include those hikes in prices. state officials are cracking down on people who illegally get unemployment benefits, states are stepping up efforts to stop fraud and improper payments. inspectors say states paid out $17 billion last year to in eligible people. some received checks despite heading back to work. several states have developed a system now to verify claims. >> time is now 7:20. the reverend robert shuler has been voted off the board of directors at the crystal cathedral church that he built into an empire. his son said it is stemming from a battle over the direction of the church. the crystal cathedral has been
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plagued with problems, including bankruptcy, it is not clear yet what reverend robert shuler, the 84-year-old pastor will do now. >> 7:20. across the country today thousands maybe millions of people will be attending a 4th of july parade. so what effect do those parades have on politics? a new study from harvard claims to have a surprising answer. >> also a los angeles neighborhood turns into what looks like waterfront property. >> good morning, westbound san mateo bridge traffic is a good way to get across the bay over to 101. we will tell you more about today's drive.
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it is 7:23. skiing on the 4th of july, yes, it is happening after a lot of snow in the winter and spring. brian hickey is live at lake tahoe at alpine meadows, which is one of many resorts open.
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the conditions look pretty good, brian. >> yes, we are trying out for the u.s. synchronized ski team. how are we doing so far? this is awesome. i got my buddy rachel woods here and rachel supporting the skirt today for ski day. >> it is very comfortable. the weather is calling for cooler clothing today for sure. >> we tried to synchronize our clothing. we got the red, white and blue on here, what was the last time you guys turned the lifts on on july 4th. >> the last time was 1994, so we are thrilled to be doing it again. >> it is top to bottom. you are running summit 6. >> that's right, top to bottom and the snow is actually really good. >> ticket price today is how much? >> 50 bucks at the window show up it gets you ski and riding from 8:00 to 2:00 as well as
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music from noon to 4:00. >> i know a lot of people will be glad when it is gone but one last hurrah today. they are all running, so plenty of opportunities to beat the heat up here in the beautiful sierra with conditions i just can't believe. it actually hit freezing last night so it is getting soft now but we started off good this morning. >> it is going to be such a blast. wait until you see the costumes today. >> what are you talking about? are you ragging on my shirt? we saw plenty of fishnet yesterday. we will leave it at that. >> that sounds area creative. 4th of july skiing and wear lots of sunscreen i am sure, still. >> brian -- >> here comes a bear, guys take a look. >> a bear -- >> that is not part of the parade -- >> you better ski away now brian, this is all live. >> i can ski pretty fast. i don't know if i can see that fast. >> wow.
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>> na is something that is something you don't -- >> -- scare him off, he wants nothing to do with us and make a nice picture with us -- >> -- absolutely -- >> -- always -- >> -- lodge last week -- >> -- posted if anything happens with that bear, but again, you know hopefully everyone is safe and enjoys themselves -- >> -- bear will be safe, too -- >> -- thanks, brian -- >> -- brian -- >> -- wow -- >> -- okay -- >> -- all right -- >> -- for you this morning, a new study is out, it claims patriotic celebrations on the 4th of july actually create more republicans. researchers found that children who went to one rain free 4th of july celebration before the age of 18 were 4% more likely to vote republican before they turned 40. they say parades energize the crowd to take part in politics and vote in elections. harvard researchers found that
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4th of july celebrations had no affect on increasing the democrats. >> we just saw a bear live, police are warning people about a mountain lion that attacked a deer there. they examined the deer and determined it had been attacked by a young mountain lion. experts say they rarely go after humans but in cause you see it you are advised to face it and walk away slowly. a broken water main turned a sherman oaks neighborhood into a small lake. hundreds of gallons of water flowed down streets into yards, a backyard pool was covered in mud. they used hoses to direct water away from homes, at least 40 customers lost water service. you know this area quite well. >> that doesn't happen that often but we see it now. >> uh-huh. >> 7:27. sal, what are you seeing out
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there? is it quiet? >> it is quiet. >> okay. >> just the way we like it out there. let's take a look at san mateo bridge. no major problems there out to the area. also toll plaza looks good. if you are driving into san francisco a nice drive and 280 traffic looks good. let's go to the weather with steve. >> fog coming down the coast. inland warm to hot. by the coast 60s and 70s. hazy sunshine right there, right there, right there, right there. some areas already mid-60s so that is a sign we will be rather warm to hot but maybe a sea breeze will kick in later on then inland areas cool down, today by the coast cooler around the bay probably not too bad but warm to hot inland with temperatures from the 60s to the 100s with 80s and 90s in between and some 70s, maybe my 75 in san francisco suspect but we will go with it for now.
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warm to hot by the coast then cooler toward the end of the week. >> dozens of rental cars go up in flames near sfo. what made a bad situation a whole lot worse. >> firefighters tackle a three alarm fire in san francisco. we have learned one person was transported to the hospital and more displaced. >> also a bay area freeway actually became an emergency runway. this scene on 280.
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7:31. we are following developing news in san francisco about 30 minutes ago. firefighters contained a three alarm fire in the outer mission district. allie rasmus explains no one was hurt but several pets had to be rescued. >> reporter: that's right, tori, actually we just got word from the deputy fire chief out here that one person was hurt. one of the residences -- one of the residents was transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation, we don't know that person's condition. the fire started in the center home, the home with the ladder in front of it. they don't know what sparked it. that is where it started.
7:33 am
it spread to the homes on either side. if you look at the top roof you can see the top floor where the windows have been broken out. this fire started just before 6:00 and shortly av the call came in you could see flames shooting from the apartment windows. we are still trying to get an exact number of people displaced by this fire. we know there are a total of six apartment residences in these three buildings, but we don't know how many people were riffing in each apartment building so we are checking on that with the red cross that has arrived to help them find homes. this fire grew to a three alarm fire, 110 firefighters out here tackling it. the deputy fire chief talked about some of the challenges involved. >> it was a very difficult firefight. when the companied arrived on the scene they were confronted with heavy fire conditions, and smoke conditions, according to the first incident commander on the scene you could not see
7:34 am
the building so it was a tough fire. >> reporter: firefighters did manage to rescue two dogs from the burning building. we watched as emts wheeled them away and reunited them with their owner and the owner was happy obviously that her pets were safe. we also talked to several residences -- several residents who live in the buildings, all were sleeping, they don't know how it began, all they know is they woke up to smell smoke and hear shouting to get out of the building. again, just to reiterate one person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and one firefighter was treated for a minor injury to the eye. but we are keeping an eye on what is going on out here but right now the fire has been contained and there are people watching what is going on and
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the focus turns on the people displaced and finding them new homes to live in. allie rasmus channel 2 news. >> it is 7:34. south san francisco fire investigators are trying to find out if fireworks sparked the huge flames that torched dozens of rental cars. cell phone video obtained by ktvu shows the fire and dark smoke. it happened yesterday north of sfo in an overflow parking lot belonging to hertz represent a car. 45 cars burned, stubborn wind was a challenge for crews, one woman tried to capture the fire on her camera and describes the scene. >> the flames are getting crazy, like i don't know if i am going to stay here, for what -- i am like this is not looking good, it is moving along and there are cars that are going to get to exploding or whatever cars do when they get on fire. i don't know. >> the fires started after the
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initial fires started. they have been looking for fireworks but have not found any. >> a plane that made an emergency landing on the freeway was taken off hours ago. it landed about 7:00 last night. the chp says it is amazing everybody walked away unharmed. the pilot had just taken off from the san carlos airport when he had mechanical problems, he glided that plane into the northbound planes of traffic but clipped the driver of a black mercedes. >> we believe one of the tires contacted the rear window of the car and smashed the window and after the contact went in front of the vehicle and just landed. >> imagine if you were driving that car. sources tell ktvu a brand new engine had just been installed in that plane. the investigation continues. >> it is 7:36. right now closing arguments in
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the casey anthony trial continue for a second day. coming up in less than 15 minutes we will have a live report from orlando on those closing arguments and when the jury is expected to begin deliberations. cal train is planning to add cameras on its trains in response to a spike in deaths on the tracks. the chronicle reports cal train hopes to have 70 cameras running by the end of the year. they will be installed on the front and back of every train to record suicides or accidents. so far there have been nine suicides on the tracks. last year 11 people died on cal train tracks. >> a new law requiring public schools to provide tap water to students is now in effect. the chronicle reports the san francisco unified school district needs more time to comply. eight of the districts 120 schools have tap water that is not drinkable because of problems of old pipes.
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the school district is asking for a 4 year waiver. the american civil liberties union says it will drop a school fees lawsuit if a bill passes that would ban california schools from charging students certain fees. the bill has already cleared the state assembly and a senate subcommittee. the aclu sued the state saying charging students for textbooks and other items violated the constitutional guarantee of free and equal public education. the san francisco school district is looking into a teacher housing plan for the mission district. school board members are talking about the use of a 3600 square foot lot at 1950 mission street. according to the chronicle one idea is to build a 100 unit complex with about 40 of them dedicated to teachers. the others would go to low income residents, district staffers are investigating a
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public and non-profit agency to search for money to build that building. >> it is 7:38. through midnight the chp will continue their maximum dui enforcement period. as of 6:00 yesterday 161 people in the bay area were arrested for driving under the influence. last year 128 arrests were made in the same period. the numbers are also up statewide with 994 drivers arrested. the chp is investigating whether alcohol was a factor in a deadly crash that shut down interstate 80 in richmond early yesterday morning. two other people were hurt in the three car crash just before 5:30 a.m. the driver of one of the cars allegedly ran away from the scene. the search for that driver continues. >> hopefully all drivers will drive well today. 7:39. it is the 4th of july and sal, there is a giants game today in san francisco. >> there is, just want to let you know it starts at 2:00, which is unusual for them.
7:40 am
traffic is going to be effected, people coming into the city so make plans, the best way to get there is public transportation, the giants and the padres today. let's take a look at northbound 101 in san francisco. that traffic looks okay. by the way the giants will be wearing special caps to honor our veterans today. we will show you that cap later on. let's take a look at 237 westbound, that traffic is moving along well crossing 880 and continuing to 101. that morning 280 traffic looks good up to highway 17. at 7:40 here is steve. >> clear skies, fog very very close. looks like at point reyes lighthouse but a sign of a cooler pattern on the way. out yonder is it it is hot.
7:41 am
our observer said i can feel it. that is that west wind. temperatures inland still hot. 90 to 102 for inland areas. 60s, 70s closer to the coast. 65 fairfield, livermore, san jose 64, 67 concord, 62 hey word, mountain view 63. west-southwest 10. it gets up 15 to 20 you are talking cooler. the system will bump the high pressure system and take some of that tropical clouds out of the picture for the sierra, so warm, hazy to warmer to hot for most. but cooler, noticeably cooler by the coast and fog has formed by monterrey bay and santa cruz
7:42 am
as well. 75 napa, 94 sonoma, 97 walnut creek, 79 berkeley, 79 alameda, pleasanton 100, 100 gilroy, 80s and 90s elsewhere, 60s san mateo coast, upper 70s south san francisco then 80s to 90s but the hardest forecast today highs definitely on the peninsula, fog, sun, warm, then everyone cools down by the end of the week even well inland. >> should be a beautiful day for fire works and parades planned across the bay area on this july 4th. claudine wong joins us live from the newsroom with a peak at some of the celebrations going on today. >> there are lots of events and we have a lot of information on our website but we wanted to talk about a couple right now. let's take you live outside to
7:43 am
danville. these are live pictures courtesy of our photojournalist. they are excited. this is a popular parade. you can see those chairs are two and three deep. city officials try to keep that under. we have been chatting with people and some say they wing it but others say they spend the time walking up and down the street or get out there early. lots of people put their chairs out last night. 6:30 p.m. apparently the designated time where every 1 got the green light to do that. >> our chairs are out. >> yeah. >> big crowd, a lot of fun. >> yeah. >> yeah, should be a blast. >> we have lived here over 25 years and our son is 25 and we have been bringing him here since the was three so -- and now we have a granddaughter who is 2. >> i hope to see red, white and blue and people having fun and floats. >> i used to be in the parade,
7:44 am
an old fire engine, baseball teams, and girls, soft balances, cheerleaders. now i am an observer. >> all right. there you go, a live look at danville. parade goers say, yes, it is a very popular parade and seems to get more popular every year and somehow doesn't lose that small down feel. you can start your day with a parade and head
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>> this murder was premeditated and the defendant was guilty. >> this pros caution was razzed to the level of desperation to make up for their lack of evidence. >> reporter: the state called casey an then a caseyy anthony
7:50 am
a murderer who murdered her daughter. >> he came right out of the box and dressed and addressed that. >> the defense attorney chipped away at the prosecution's theories, he argues the case was so weak they tried portray casey as a lying no good slut with forensic evidence based on a fantasy. the florida criminal defense attorney is also critical of the state's case. >> he doesn't have direct fed of premeditation and certainly department convince me that casey anthony is guilty of premeditated murder. >> reporter: once the jury gets the case they can consider 7 separate cases against casey anthony, but if they do not believe she intentionally murdered her daughter they can consider second-degree murder and manslaughter. back to you. >> can you explain quickly why this trial is happening on july 4th holiday? >> well, quite simply the jury and the judge wants to get this
7:51 am
done. they want to keep this trial moving. this jurors do not live in orlando, they have been sequestered for six weeks, everybody is madey to get home. >> all right, makes sense. a man was stabbed in richmond while trying to break up a fight. he was arguing with mother man yesterday another man yesterday. the victim was stabbed in the thigh when he tried to intervene. the suspects described as a man. coming up we will go live to kraig debro for an update on the joint investigation taking place between richmond police and the contra costa county
7:52 am
sheriff's department. >> tomorrow another rape allegation will be made against dominique strauss-kahn. this creates new uncertainty in a national debate in france over whether he can return to the presidential race. a sexual assault race in new york has been weakened by his accusers credibility. his lawyer is calling for that case to be dismissed. >> montana's governor says it is too early to tell how much damage has been done by an oil spill. that comes after exxon announced it was restricted to 10 miles and said no injure animals have been found. the governor said they did an aerial survey but he wants to see the riverbanks at ground level. a hazmat team responded after he discovered what he
7:53 am
thought was a meth lab. they cut off power after a housekeeper found it trashed and full of different containers and powders. police called the hazmat team. it turned out to be common household cleaning materials and cooking mixes, investigators say the person saying in the room has mental health issues. >> the bay area school district accused of being a big waste land, where the money is going. >> also a san jose man is a top dog on the 4th of july. this year's holiday event is about to begin.
7:54 am
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7:55, the annual coney island hot dog eating contest it is about to start and san jose's joey chestnut will defend his title once again, he has won four straight contests. look at him. that is my man. last year he ate 54 in 10
7:56 am
minutes, this year though at the contest something new, a separate event for female competitive eaters. >> sonia thomas is the favorite. >> she is. >> let's check in with sal, anything going on the roads? >> doing pretty well, keep your speeds down, chp has extra officers. the roads are wide open. certainly not a commute day. let's go to steve. >> fog moving down the coast. that may play into the coastal areas and fireworks later on. it is filling in fast. again, going north to south. is my computer stuck? oh, there it goes. right there, so there is a lot going on. again it is not going to make
7:57 am
much of an impact inland. already 70s there. hazy warm to hot for many away from the coast but right by the costa big drop in some of the temps maybe 15, 20 degrees for some if that fog continues to work its way in. 60s for some, 70s for others, a lot of upper 90s to low 100s inland, a late breeze should take the edge off these temperatures. warmer weather will give way to fog and sunshine and then fog and cooler weather as we go into wednesday, thursday, friday and also the weekend. >> all right, steve, time now 7:57. a story we have been following the past three hours, this. what is happening now at that apartment fire in san francisco's mission district. >> we are live in san francisco where bart police officers shot and killed a man last night. we are telling you what evidence they are looking at to try to figure out what led up
7:58 am
to this incident. >> in richmond three people shot dead. we tell you why police do not believe it is gang related. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
7:59 am
complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, welcome back
8:00 am
to mornings on 2. i am tori campbell. >> good morning. i am dave clark, monday, the 4th of july. we want to update that developing new story from san francisco. just about an hour ago firefighters containd a three alarm fire on mission street near bosworth. this fire here started just before 6:00 this morning. three apartment buildings were damaged in all of this. one person was treated for smoke inhalation. firefighters say this was a tough fire to put out. >> it was a very difficult firefight, when the companies arrived what i were confronted with heavy fire conditions, the smoke conditions according to the first incident commander you could not see the building, so it was a tough fire. >> about 110 firefighters battled the flames. look here, two dogs were rescued. they were reunited with their owners, a happy scene there, still no cause though, no word on knee cause on the cause of
8:01 am
that fire. >> we are learning more about a fatal bart police shooting that happened last night. tara moriarty has been talking to police about the incident and the investigation and joins us live this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well the bart trains are up and running now that it is 8:00 but they were shut down for some portion of the night here due to police conducting their investigation. just below us is the platform upon which bart police officers shot and kimed a killed a man last night. around 9:45 an ambulance rushed the suspect to the hospital. he was pronounced dead within an hour. the initial 911 call came in at 9:30 when witnesses reported seeing a man on the bart platform appearing intoxicated. two bart officers arrived and within 1 minute two shots were fired.
8:02 am
initial reports indicate he may have thrown a bottle at officers. >> there is evidence at the scene, broken glass on the platform area, two open knives, that would be further investigated. at this point in time we have at least two credible witnesses we are interviewing right now. >> reporter: now one officer did suffer cuts to his arm and a witness told ktvu off camera. the suspect had a 10 inch long knife. since the oscar grant shooting in 2009 bart has doubled the amount of training its officers receive in responding to incidents like these. bart and san francisco police are both conducting investigations. they will both be reviewing video to see if it can provide them with clues. as far as the suspect in this case, all we know is that he is a white male, he has not been identified. he is between 30 and 50. the police officers involved, one was a white male, one was asian. they are both on leave while
8:03 am
the investigation is ongoing. chief of police of bart will be appearing later this morning at a press conference in oakland. we will let you know if there are any new developments. live in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> times now 8:02. the 4th of july is off to a violent start in the richmond area after a night of violence. kraig debro joining us now we the details on a joint investigation after three people were killed and three others hurt. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we just saw some richmond detectives head out back on to the street. right now the coincidence we have here is these shootings happened the time same and close to one another. the first shooting happened before 9:00 last night. a man was hanging out with friends when he was shot. that man survived. two others would not. the second shooting took place
8:04 am
at the 3200 block of mcdonald, where shawn bailey was shot and killed. he and another man were hanging out in a car at that time. the second man recovering from his injuries at a hospital. while that shooting was being investigated they were in the middle of another homicide investigation. lake the one at mcdonald the victim was found in a victim. police found darrelle duncan inside a car. there is evidence suggesting another victim may have been on the scene and may have been wounded but that person has not turned up, so far no victim. >> we have not had any indication that any of this was going to happen. we have not had shootings we think are connected to these homicides in anyway. >> that is why police right now don't have any evidence to even suggest that these are gang related homicides. finally in north richmond, that is contra costa county, so they are going to investigate this
8:05 am
one. they say they found two people shot on ruby, one person died, one person survived. earlier there were reports two people died. we checked back, they told us one of the people was alive and that person was in the hospital. they are assisting each other on that case. live in richmond, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> it is four minutes after 8:00. this morning a young man from oakley is in the county jail following a weekend shooting and assault. investigators say 21 year old joseph sackamotto beat a man with a gun during a dispute saturday afternoon. sheriff deputies say he also fired several wild gunshots that did not hit the victim. investigators say he raced away from the scene in his car but later surrendered. the victim is expected to recover. fireworks may have caused a fire in vallejo that came chose
8:06 am
to duplexes. firefighters were called to power drive around 5:00 yesterday evening. a gust of wind pushed flames closer to homes and a fence behind the deluxes burned. crews say they were prepared for a busy holiday weekend. >> we were able to staff an extra brush rig, which is specifically for grass fires like this, so that was helpful to have an extra unit. we recently increased our response to grass fires to three engines. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation but neighbors tell firefighters they heard firecrackers and saw children in the area. >> time now 8:06. in san luis san luis obispo county a girl drowned. they found her body after a
8:07 am
search. the coast guard has reminders don't drink while boating, boating while intoxicated is a crime. make sure you have life jackets and expect spot checking by the coast guard and local law enforcement out on the water today making sure boats have the proper safety equipment. >> eight american activists involved in a flotilla are freed after they were detained by greek police. they were held after staging a protest to demand the release of the captain. on captain he sailed the boat out of the port but was turned back and then arrested. it is one of 10 boats in a flotilla planning to sail to gaza to protest the israeli navel blockade. all the power is back on there. at one time 4300 homes had no
8:08 am
electricity. they cut that number in half. pg&e blames damaged equipment. >> there is a new sleep study out from stanford that shows getting eight hours of sleep a night may not be enough. the study involved 11 players from their varsity basketball team. they tried to get 10 hours of sleep a night which turned out to benign to be nine and a half per night but the results were noticeable. they shot free throws better and were faster, so sleep -- >> what? yeah, and i think we should pass that on to the giants who are playing because it is good for all athletes to get a good night's sleep and the giants have a baseball game tonight. right, sal? >> they do and they are wearing these hats.
8:09 am
>> cool. >> to honor our veterans, too small for me, yeah, so when you see the game -- i have a big head, you know, when you you see the became beware of that. the beware of that. the best way to get there is public transportation, parking regulations are in effect for san francisco. make sure you read the signs, the freeways look good. let's look at the bay bridge. of course not a regular commute as most people, not everyone but most people have the day off today and if you are driving in the so it bay this would normally be a thick commute but it is light. 8:09, let's go to steve. >> we do have hazy sunshine inland, cooler by the cost. fog coming down, directions on the wind that show cooler
8:10 am
pattern, inland another day or 2, sometimes it takes a couple of days well inland like lake county. you can see the fog here it is roaring right down the coast. shallow but going north to south or parallel but the mere fact it is there when it wasn't tells it is on its way. no clouds but that cooler sea breeze is moving in and will impact many coastal locations with a 10 or 15 degree drop, not inland though, maybe later today, late, already in the 70s for many so upper 90s to 100, if we didn't top out yesterday we will top out today, santa rosa says 62, anytime you get a south wind and a north direction that is a cooler direction, same can be said when the water -- when the water -- once it gets to 15 then you are talking north to
8:11 am
northwest 15 by sfo. we will hold on to these hot conditions at least one more day away from the coast but cooler by the beaches and i think later on, 60, like the last couple of days, probably same for fairfield but 80s and 90s but maybe not as warm for somebody yesterday but i think you get over the coastal hill we will get us big 15, 20 degree spreads on some of these temperatures, fog toward monterrey bay as well, 80s, to 90s, the toughest call was on the peninsula. i thought that was crazy but if that continues things could drop fast. much cooler as we head into the rest of the week and take that even for inland areas by the end of the week. >> thank you steve, it is 8:11. plans are in the works to improve safety around eight schools but officials tell the journal it could be almost two years before work begins
8:12 am
because of red tape. almost 2 million dollars will be spent. the funding comes from local measure a and the federal government. once again the santa clara county civil grand jury is blasting the tiny luther burbank school district in san jose. the jury alleges they have wasted money. this is the second time in three years the grand jury has issued a scathing report on that school district. >> wow. time now is 8. l 12. a motorcyclist killed during a protest rally. why the device he was protesting might have saved his life. >> also overnight tragedy in baja california. it involves a boat full of american tourists. >> plus a new privacy battle over cell phones, this one involves police, and a san francisco lawmaker.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning. florida is coming down the coast. a sea breeze kicking in. it is sile still sunny, inland it won't matter. but sunny but cooler. >> the mission can navy confirmed an american tourist was killed any boating accident. a fishing vessel left the port of san fi lipe, 44 people were
8:16 am
on board, oard, including 37 americans. the ship ran into a storm and start sinking. eight people are missing. the u.s. is sending a helicopter to help search. a motorcyclist is dead after crashing his bike during an antihelmet really. police say he lost control of his motorcycle and flipped over the handlebars and later died at the hospital. state troopers say a helmet would have likely saved his life. >> it is a tragedy, but whether or not, you know, a person who wears a helmet, the government should not be involved in that, everybody should have the choice of wearing a helmet or not wearing a helmet. >> norg new york is one of 20 states that require riders to wear helmets. california is among those states.
8:17 am
>> there were two crashes in less than an hour in a boat race, 1 was going 70 miles an hour when he slammed into a rescue boat. that rescue boat was destroyed and the race fans say they have never seen anything like it. >> that boat just went right over the top of the rescue boat and you know debris and people were just flying everywhere. it was very very -- makes you tears up. >> and while that accident was being investigated two other boats collided, no one was seriously hurt in that accident. investigators say it is possible none of the boat drivers saw the other boats on the race course. >> 8:17, california lawmakers will vote on an important bill involving police searches. it would overturn a state supreme court ruling that allowed police to search the contents of a cell phone during an arrest without a warrant. the bill's author, senator mark leno, says that ruling clearly
8:18 am
violates the constitutional right of privacy, but police groups say cell phones often contain critical information about crimes, including some that are still in progress. fox news says it is investigating a weekend hacking attack. someone discovered the password to their twitter account and started posting fake tweets last night. one of those announced the assassination of president obama. another wished vice-president biden good luck as the new president. fox fox news discovered it and changed its pass word. another attacked apple. they post a tweet claiming it gained access to data of apple.
8:19 am
they managed to break into several government websites before disbanding. >> 8:18. a british soldier reported missing in southern afghanistan and a search for him is underway. just one other nato soldier is being held hostage, a soldier from idaho was taken two years ago and is believed to be held in pakistan. al qaeda new terror manual says terrorists can avoid detection by pretending to be gay. the guide was placed on line after osama bin laden was killed. terror experts say that is suggesting al qaeda is determined to launch revenge attacks on the west. >> 8:19. if you have a question for the president just keep it within 140 characters. on wednesday at 11:00 a.m. pacific time president obama will hold his first ever
8:20 am
twitter town hall. you need to submit questions early at hash tag ask obama. the co-founder of twitter will select the questions and moderate the forum. president obama will spend today with military families at the white house. tonight they will gather for a concert and fireworks show, this is the third year the first family has honored them with a special 4th of july tribute. troops deployed in the middle east are celebrating at a u.s. base. they are firing up the barbecue. today general david petraeus is celebrating his last 4th of july as u.s. commander there. he was confirmed as new director of cia and will be replaced by john allen. >> 8:20. in overnight news in egypt an overnight pipeline explosion
8:21 am
called and act of sabotage. take a look at these flames shooting p. the explosion has shut off the flow of natural gas to israel and jordan. this is the third attack on an egyptian pipeline since protests toppled the government earlier this year, in thailand the outgoing prime minister resigned after his party lost elections. his replacement will will be a woman. the nation's first ever female prime minister. the is the sister of the prime minister who lost power after a military coo. >> the chairman of a tribe's newspaper shut it down because of problems. it still appears on the website including an article that raised eyebrows called man
8:22 am
on the run. the tribal chairman says he shut the paper down because of that article and others about marijuana. he says the paper has cost the tribe almost $200,000 in the last three years. >> our time now 8:21. a scary scene near sausalito, what the pilot says caused his plane to go down in richardson bay. >> also it is run for a reason, today's holiday jog for a very good cause. >> good morning. this road looking nice, find out what to expect.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
welcome back, 8:24, nasa is in the countdown stage for friday's final shuttle launch. when it returns to earth 7000 government jobs will disappear. businesses like restaurants, motels and stores that depended on nasa employees, they are going to lose their biggest base, it is estimated it pumps 1.2 billion into the local economy, most of which will disappear as the program ends. crews recovered this plane that sunk in richardson bay. you are looking at video of that plane in the water. the pilot says a weak from a
8:26 am
ferry washed over him and filled his cockpit with water. they were rescued. >> hundreds of people in arinda will raise money in honor of a young child who died in her sleep. today is the 7th annual haley's run for a reason. the run is named for haley tom who died in her sleep more than 11 years ago. it was classified as sudden unexplained death in childhood, which affects children over a year old and more rare than sudden in infant death syndrome. >> they do an amazing job and raise a lot of money for a good cause. what is happening on the roads right now? >> we are looking at the bay area bridges and today it is looking good. this is a good chance for me to remind you make sure that you
8:27 am
know there are more not fewer chp officers on the road. they are looking for all kinds of things, emphasis on dui but seat belt violations and speeding so if you drive carefully you should for the be in any problem and you can can see the roads are light. >> temperatures 90s, low 100s by the coast we could see a big drop. you can see the fog it is shallow going north to south but starting to fill in, it is like what fog, concord, fairfield, livermore, san jose already warm, so they will be hot. there is a southeast wind at santa rosa, northwest there those are cooler directions and a west-northwest 18, and it is cranking up, it being the sea breeze, so maybe the temperatures will come down inland a little bit. they will come down on the
8:28 am
coast though, the question is can we keep the fog out for the fireworks tonight. you don't have to go far to find 80s and 90s, it will still be there and may take a couple of days to cook down and the upcoming weekend will we about 20 degrees cooler than it was this weekend, dave. >> the martinez police department still struggling to deal with the tragic loss of a popular police officer but now there is a shocking new development that is turning some of their grief into anger. >> more than 20 people are now homeless in san francisco after a fire destroys three apartment buildings. we will have an update coming up. >> also the bay area parties are about to begin, celebrating america's 235th birthday. ♪
8:29 am
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well, good morning to you, welcome back, time now is 8:33. apartment homes are damaged in an early morning fire in san francisco. allie rasmus joins us live from the scene and the red cross is helping the people affected by all of this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, the red cross, their latest estimate according to a representative out here i talked to is that 20 to 22 people who lived in these apartment buildings are now homeless. you can see a lot of the residents are out here in the middle of the street looking at some of the damage. they are looking at the activity going on. this middle building is where the fire started. the flames spread to the two apartment residences on either side of it. right for you firefighters are still out here on the scene even though this fire is out. they are going through the building checking for hot spots and cleaning up the mess and
8:32 am
making sure it does not reignite. this started just before 6:00 this morning. that is when they were first called out. they are not sure how it started but a deputy chief says it appears to have originated in the garage of one of holmes. h o mes. there are three buildings affected. two apartment residences in each building so a total of six units, again 20 people or more, 20 to 22 people may have been displaced. firefighters dealt with heavy smoke while fighting this fire. there was one woman who lived in one of the buildings taken out of the burning building and transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation. we don't know her condition. several other residents said they are not sure how it started because they were sleeping. >> i heard a vehicle honking and people saying get out of the house so i got up and looked out the window and saw
8:33 am
the smokes. >> firefighters rescued two family dogs from the burn building. a firefighter pulled the dogs out of the building as this fire was going on. we watched as the owner of those pets were reunited with her dogs, the dogs are going to be okay. she talked to us and told us her reaction when she found her pets were safe. [speaking foreign language] >> the explained to us is spanish she is happy to see her dogs because they are like children to her. it was a three alarm fire, 110 firefighters tackled it. one was treated for eye injuries. another resident was transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation. but back out here live you can see the fire is out. firefighters are kind of packing up and cleaning up their hoses out here. we are told they are going to be out here to start the investigation to figure out how this fire start. again, they don't know how it
8:34 am
began but it appears to have originated in the garage. in the mean time there are 20 people, 20 to 22 people according to the red cross who have to find new homes. >> thanks for the update. 8::33. people in martinez say someone is trying to cash in on a popular member of the force dying. he died after a long battle. we spoke to him last summer. at that time sergeant carter had a brave message for others. >> the only message i can say is go out there you know try to to be a donor, save somebody's life. >> now someone is appealing to donations in his name. someone tried this same scam after the death of another police officer killed three years ago. police in richmond are
8:35 am
looking for two men who attacked a man before stealing his beer and two dollars in cash. it happened yesterday after he left the convenience store. they followed him home and confronted him, pushing him to the ground. the fall caused him to black out. they are looking at video. >> 8:34, mountain lion roaming an el cerrito neighborhood attacked a deer. they examined the deer, they figured it out. it had been attacked by a young mountain lion, experts say if you should come across from one face it directly and slowly walk away. >> they can use the holiday to get caught up own business since they have the day off too. they are closed. the post office is closed and no mail delivery. all banks and savings institutions also have the day off. if you are driving into san
8:36 am
francisco you should know parking officers are not taking the day off. all parking meter regulations will be enforced. some people are celebrating the holiday in an unusual way. they are going skiing. for summer resorts in lake tahoe it has been years since they have been open on july 4th. we will have another live report from alpine meadows on the current condition and find out if that bear, yes, there was a live bear that started parading around on the slopes dur during our last hour, we will find out if that bear is still around. >> in the past year salaries have gone up 2.3% but prices have risen an average of 2.8%, those figures include a 3.7% rise in food prices and another 10.5% rise in transportation costs and a 19.4% hike in energy costs. well states and the country are cracking down on people who
8:37 am
have jobs, yet they are still cashing unemployment checks. inspectors say states paid out $17 billion last year to unemployment cheats, some had jobs, others did not qualify. several states have developed a web based system to verify claims. >> 8:36. we want to check in with sal. we have been mentioning the giants play today at 2:00 and i believe the as also av have a home game that starts at 1:00 so you can have a really warm game or kind of comfortable baseball game, depending on how you like the weather. >> yeah, dpebding on who who your team is. the point is to support them. i want to mention parking regulations are in effect. don't park in a meter and not feed it because you will wind
8:38 am
up with a ticket. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge, that looks okay, so obviously not a commute day, not a typical commute day and people will be driving places more kind of on a scattered schedule. moving along and taking a look at san francisco itself it looks good. it is going to be a clear weather day as steve mentioned so a lot of people are expected in san francisco tonight to watch the fireworks and just beware, give yourself plenty of time, parking will be at a premium. this is a look at the peninsula it looks good, and of course, we are not seeing much of a commute but use caution out there as you drive on this 4th, let's go to steve. >> we do have temperatures warm to hot, heading to marin county fair oral oral a or alameda
8:39 am
county. hot conditions inland. so maybe a 40 degree spread on some of these temperatures. you are looking at 90s to 100s there. 50s and 60s will gave way to maybe just 60s and 70s because that fog again continues to race down the coast. with that west-northwest or west-southwest wind starting to take shape that is on the leading edge of a cooling trend. sunny to warm to hot for those by the cost but if you are not by the coast cooler, so anywhere from 60s to within hundred degrees with 80s and 90s in between, always a tough call when that sea breeze kicks up but it is, 97 to 101, the same can be said for much of
8:40 am
the south bay, santa clara valley but santa cruz dealing with a little bit of fog in the monterrey bay so that might take the edge off there, 60s there, 70s, and upper 80s and low 90s, redwood city at 99 yesterday, i went 90 today, by tomorrow temperatures will fall and take a big tumble by wednesday, inland everybody cools down by the end of the week. >> all right. our time is now 8:39. 4th of july celebrations are gearing up all across the bay area and claudine wong joining us live, she is in our newsroom to tell us about some of the celebrations. >> good morning, if you are looking for a way to spend your 4th of july holiday you have lots of options. a lot of parades about to get underway. we want to take you outside to danville. you can see the streets are getting to get -- starting to get a little busy right now with folks out there getting ready for the parade there that starts in just about 20 minutes
8:41 am
from now, sid far hang giving us live pictures p ictures of the streets. they were not supposed to put those chairs out in past years but people trying to get a jump on those prime spots but the best part of this parade is that no matter how big it gets it doesn't lose that small town feel. >> danville is one of the premier parades among the longest histories in contra costa county i think it is the parade so i think that -- that it has got a lot of tradition behind it and we came out to support it. >> we used to bring our kids down here on bicycles and big wheels and decorate them and that was the parade and i mean it has just kind of gotten bigger. a lot of politicians, it is just -- it is tradition, you come down here the night before when they will let you, you put
8:42 am
your chairs out, you sit here and drink coffee, gossip. >> again, another last look at the kids out there wearing their red, white and blue in advance of this parade, which starts at 9:00 this morning. not sure what anyone is gossipping about out there. danville is not the only 1 celebrating with a parade today, take a look at your screen, there are several cities having a parade there. is the list. starting any -- at 9, any child wearing red, white or blue can join that march, the regular parade there starts at 10:00. in san jose the parade starts at 10:00 followed by a community picnic, so lots of activities across the bay area today and, of course fireworks tonight, the forecast is looking great. live in the newsroom claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news.
8:43 am
>> boy, claudine, you know everything. >> -- today -- >> i know, if you want to know more we have an interactive map of all of them on our website. look for the weekend extra tab. >> today is a little extra -- >> that's right -- >> -- people, all right, 8:42. the well-known politician behind a minidale that could provide a solution to the debt debate. >> the urgent call that led to a police officer's death. >> the fate of a mother accused of killing her daughter will soon be in the hands of a jury. we will find out when with a live report from florida.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:45, happening now closing arguments wrapping up in the casey anthony murder trial, the fate of the florida mother accused of killing her daughter will soon be in the hands of the jury. jessica stone is in florida where the defense says the prosecutors account of what happened is absurd, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are watching the judge give instructions to the jury. the prosecution has finished its rebuttal after talking to the jury.
8:47 am
after a day yesterday full of fireworks in the courtroom. prosecutors and defense attorneys went toe to toe on sunday. >> she died because her mother decided that the life she wanted was more important. this murder was premeditated and the defendant is guilty. >> this prosecution would raise to the level of desperation to make up for their lack of evidence. >> reporter: the state called casey anthony a liar who murdered her daughter caylee. former prosecutor maria hale says the prosecutor was methodical and succinct in his closing arguments. >> and came out of the box and talked about that and addressed it and said it is not just the lies, it is the reason behind the lies. >> the defense attorney chipped away at their theories, he argues their case was so weak
8:48 am
they tried to portray her as a lying no good slut with forensic evidence based on a fantasy, a florida defense attorney is also critical of the state's case. >> he doesn't have direct evidence of premeditation and certainly didn't convince me that casey anthony is guilty of premeditated murder. >> reporter: once the judge finishes the instrubses the instructions the jury will get the case. they have 7 separate charges. they can consider second-degree murder and manslaughter as well as first degree murder. >> our time is 8:48. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stores. this morning an investigation continues into a fatal police shooting at a bart station in san francisco last night at the civic center station. two bart officers shot and killed a man who had a large knife. three people are dead, at left three others hurt after a
8:49 am
night of violence in the richmond area, four different shootings happened within three hours. police and the sheriff's department are investigating. the red cross says more than 20 people are homeless after fire damaged three apartment buildings in san francisco this morning. look at these pictures. this happened just before 6:00 a.m. on mission street near bosworth. one person had to be treated for smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire is under investigation but firefighters think it may have started in a garage. >> 8:49. illegal fireworks may have sparked the huge flames that torched rental cars. cell phone video shows the fire and dark smoke. it happened yesterday in an overflow parking lot belonging to hurts rental car. 45 rental cars burn. one woman tried to capture the fire on her own camera and described the scene. >> the flames were getting
8:50 am
crazy and i am like i don't know if i am going to stay here, for what, i am thinking i should go, i am like it is looking good, and there are cars, they are going to get to exploding or whatever cars do when they get on fire. i don't know. >> the fire forced crews back into action but no one was hurt. >> 8:49. in our last hour we told you about skiing today but during our live report we got an unexpected surprise. our reporter is live at lake tahoe. you are my new hero but i need to know where is that bear that was running around live the last time we saw you? >> reporter: at last report he is running between tower 6 and 7. look at this. people skiing here on july 4th, skiing from top to bottom. earlier this morning, yeah, check out the bear video, this is amazing, when we were doing
8:51 am
a live shot all of a sudden this bear comes running right through the bottom of the live shot. he look at us, we all started cranking our poles together and really wanted nothing to do with us but we were sure taking a lot of pictures of him. just icing on the cake here, speaking of beautiful days, check out the costumes, you guys are from where? >> reno, nevada. >> 87, so what yeah, so what can i say. >> the 4th of july, got to represent. the burning man got to represent on the mountain, the snow is a pretty darn good too. >> monique has the right idea. >> this may come off later today as well. >> this is family television. >> okay. >> have fun out there and go
8:52 am
make turns and lots of red, white and blue in places that -- hey, thank you, i got the snow shower this morning, a great day to be out here, alpine is open, squaw valley is open, sugar bowl is open for season pass holders and heavenly running the tubing hill, so you can ski, tube in the morning, go sit on the beach in the afternoon at one of my favorite places, the beckon and just kick back on the sand after a snow day can you believe it? >> no, we can't, an incredible life shot. back in the news now a memphis police officer has died after responding to a domestic dispute call. investigators say a gunman killed timothy warren and a civilian. the police made an arrest but so far have not identified the suspect. >> it is 8:52. it is america's birthday, number 235.
8:53 am
how the 4th of july may make some americans see red. >> plus this guy is tim lincecum's double, why he wants a million bucks from tim. we will tell you.
8:54 am
8:55 am
officer. >> transformers took over the weekend box office and took in
8:56 am
$97 million, pixar cars 2, bad teacher, larry crowne and supereight round hot out the top 5 but the numbers could change. >> celebrations on the 4th of july create more republicans, researchers found children who went to 1 rain free 4th of july celebration before 18 were 4% more likely to vote republican. they say they energize the crowd to take part in elections and claim that the july 4th celebration had no effect on increasing democrats. vice-president joe biden is on twitter. his first tweet went out an hour ago, it says, vp and dr. b, hope you take time to think about our troops and their families this independence day,
8:57 am
it refers to his wife. the vice-president won't be sending out tweets himself. like many other politicians his staff will write them. they call him twin lincecum. a cab driver is a major hit. >> you are going to give me one million dollars, how do that sound do you? you make a lot of money? give me one million dollars. >> look at this guy. he looks so much like tim lincecum people won't leave him alone. he jokes he wants a million bucks just to compensate for all the aggravation. >> yeah, he, does let's check in with sal one more time, see if anyone is heading over to the ballpark. >> i want a million dollars, too, don't think i am going to get it. 101, san francisco, it is light, today a giants game,
8:58 am
2:05 special start time. take transit. let's go to steve. >> sal, fog coming down the coast, cooler by the coast, warm hazy hot inland, with temperatures 90s, but 60s and 70s and fog will win out and a significant cooling trend by the middle of the week. >> we want to take you live to danville where they are getting ready for the parade, holiday 4th of july parade just about ready forget underway in danville and other places around the bay, have a happy 4th. >> bye now. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
8:59 am

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